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Connecting Families

With the largest network of care providers, our mission is to be the most practical and convenient instant support system for families. 

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Family Care on Demand

You  know it takes a village to raise a family and we know it too! That is why we have created the easiest and fastest way to find that village for you.  Appreci makes the connections your family longs for.  Appreci is here to provide practical and caring solutions that accommodate to the unique ‎needs of modern families. All you need now is to tap what you wish whenever you want, because our Attenders nurture people’s lives when the circumstances demand!


Say bye-bye to… 

  • Relying on only one person to save the day
  • Asking everyone you know who do they know
  • Scratching your head not knowing where to start
  • Having to plan far ahead as if life was that predictable
  • Getting confused and delayed with lists of resumes
  • Not even knowing who enters your home
  • Making unnecessary long term expensive commitments
  • Feeling awkward at the time to pay


"Make no mistake, mother is a verb. It's something we do, for many hours a day. It takes time and energy, it cannot and should not be done alone. By offering parent-centric services that can take a load off of mothers shoulders including guilt, Appreci will make a massive difference to mothering in Cyprus."

Eleni, Mamma Mu Podcast


"The online payment was convenient. The communication with the mum was clear. I found easily the place. All the process was very well organized for me as an educator."

AF, Nicosia


" I liked that I could trust Appreci would choose the best available match. And that I can trust my child to the person I chose."

GG, Nicosia


" As an educator, I was always looking for more families and children to provide my services to. And even if I did hear about anyone interested in an educator, I found that there is always the trust issue in place, something that is definitely keeping parents away from even going into the trouble of looking for people to help out with their children. The registration process of Appreci is very thorough and detailed for both teachers and parents and I believe it offers a safe net for both sides. "

MM, Nicosia


"It was very easy to find someone we liked and that fulfilled our criteria. Even more, when that person was unavailable for one week we immediately got other people to cover that week without us even having to do anything. A+ service, thank you."

AK, Nicosia


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Hearty Sitter

 ChildCare | EduCare | Care4well | SharedCare

Hearty Sitters are that! They have a big heart and have a cheerful spirit.  They are enthusiastic about child care and are always ready to engage in developmentally appropriate play, outdoor walks, and educational activities. Of course, when children are under the weather, they also can provide the care and comfort needed for them to get well.  Read More…

Modality: in-person

savvy MINDER

EduMoves| EduChill | EduFun

Oh these creative talented souls behind the screen! Ready on the spot to entertain while teaching children their moves and artistic tricks. When the little ones need to chill, well you guessed it! They also love chatting, listening to children’s creative stories, picking on their imagination, all while reading lovely age appropriate handpicked books.  Read More…

Modality: online and in-person


BabyChores | MeTime | MomSupport  | BabyNanny

Mom friends, friendly moms…. Think of them as you wish, and they will be! Like a fairy godmother they save the day. Full of empathy, care and patience they enjoy rolling up their sleeves and supporting  parents in those beautiful challenging moments only new tiny humans know how to bring about. These wonderful people can help during recovery and care for a baby at home while mom rests or does what she loves. Permanent options are a plus.  Read More…

Modality: in-person

chatty aunty

FeedingTalk| TipsTalk | HeartTalk | ChildChat

They think and talk while giving personalized support. Perfect to consult on those moments that are needed the most. We get how dificult it can be for moms and dads to find guidance and support.  Whether is about  breastfeeding talk,  long heart-felt confessions, or just a much needed mind detox,  these professionals feel like that aunty you like to chat with because she gets you so… They can speak to your children also you know?  Read More…

Modality: in-person and online


Our Attender Community

We are building a community of care professionals willing to serve ad hoc,  providing intuitively designed services ranging from education to women’s health and wellbeing.  Attenders must be at least in their last year of university or hold a bachelor’s degree relevant to the services provided.  If their field of study differs from their line of work, they must have at least two years of experience in a relevant field.  At Appreci we value excellence and aim to be standard-setting in the field of family care. 

Are you a highly caring professional?

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We appreciate families and take their care needs seriously. If we share the same principles and high standards, get started with your Account! We are always seeking quality-oriented freelance family service providers, and local businesses that are willing to collaborate on-demand. Sign up, submit your profile for review and become available on our platform.

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