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About Us

At Appreci we believe in win win situations and the ingredients for that to be respect, collaboration, and flexibility.  The desire to help others and build a community based on care, trust and transparency is what brought us together. Our mission is to assist as many families as possible to find the time to enjoy the things that matter the most with the people who matter the most to them, in other words, we are commited, to bring the village back to people’s lives, in a modern sort of way…


Our Motivation

Our Why

We want to help families find the precious time they need in modern times while creating an enriching environment where children can thrive and grow into their best selves.

Our motivation did not originate only from the need of receiving support, but from the beautiful human need to give back and help others. We are commited to  innovating and finding modern solutions where people feel supported, at the same time are given opportunities to assist others, in a flexible, reliable, cost effective and caring way.

We have made it our mission then, to offer solutions to social problems that modern families experience in a daily basis; solutions that are convenient and cost efficient, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits. The goal is for people to be able to grow or confront any hectic/unfortunate period without disrupting their daily flow or making unnecessary expenses giving a sense of balance in the family and achievement in the individual that ripples to our children.

Excellence – We strive to continuously improve to better serve, by constantly and agilely adjusting our services as needed.  We keep connected and attuned through on-going research and community feedback.

Trust and Transparency – All employees and verified Attenders of Appreci must first meet our high-quality standards and have adequate training and knowledge before engaging with any members of our community.  This enables us to keep our services transparent, reliable and build trusted relationships within and through our network.

Flexibility – We make things easy, simpler and more convenient for everyone. Appreci’s on demand services can be taylored acording to the needs and circumstances of inviters while Attenders enjoy gaining experience and contributing to society in meaningful ways on their own schedule.



A Care & Ed Tech SME incorporated in Cyprus, certified as an Innovative SME  by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy of the Republic of Cyprus.  Awarded by its innovative model and services with high social impact.


Who We Are

The Team


Juliana Saavedra

Founder and CEO

Juliana, an engineer and dedicated mother with an extensive expertise in child-led learning, progressive education, and a passion for social innovation, is the driving force behind our organization. Envisioning a world where parents thrive in pursuing their passions while fully enjoying the parenting journey, Juliana’s unwavering commitment lays the foundation for our mission and values, making a positive impact in the lives of families.

Maria Mirallai

Early Years Operations Officer

As a passionate Montessori teacher trainer, experienced early years educator, and dedicated nursery director, Maria Mirallai is fully committed to preserving the joy of childhood and empowering our attenders to provide optimal support for the children in their care.