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An email has been sent with the registration form and you should receive it within 10 minutes. Please look your junk or spam folders. If you do not receive it  please contact us at  




Make sure you have handy all the following information and documents before continuing.

  1.  next Name
  2. Gender
  3. Date of birth
  4. Home address
  5. ID
  6. Languages
  7. Emergency next of kin contact
  8. Vehicle’s plates number*
  9. Profile Picture
  10. Ocupation

                *Only if you ever intent to drive around with your attender

  1. Health Condition
  2. Special needs
  3. Doctor’s phone number
  4. Emergency waiver
  1. Number of adults in the household
  2. Number of children in the household
  3. Gender of children
  4. Ages of children
  5. Medical profile of children 
  6. Paediatricians contact information 
Verification Documents
If you upload copies of 2 out of the following documents your profile will display the “Trusted” inviters badge. A trusted badge increases the chances of attenders accepting the request.

  1. Criminal Clearance Certificate *
  2. ID copy
  3. Drivers License
  4. Doctor’s Health Clearance Form

Please note Attenders are required to provide a total of 7 documents as such to be able to provide services so that you, as an inviter feel comfortable doing so. In the same way we ask you to provide a few of these for verification purposes for them to feel comfortable to enter your home or come in contact with your family members.

*You can download the Criminal Clearance Certificate Application form and take it completed along with 20 euros to the Main Police Station.  You can collect the certificate after 3 days. For more information please contact directly the Cyprus Police at 22-808080.

**Required only for in-person service providers